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The 4Rs to Your Transition

I am sharing my quick read message to all who believe in:

• rebirth.

• restoration.

• resurgence.

• reawakening.

I love spring. It allows us to experience this time of newness including in nature where we are taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of life during the warmer weather. The new signs of life encourage us to move forward, leaving the dead of winter in the rear.

I see people overcoming their fears to make plans to travel, launch new businesses, and even start new relationships. What motivates you? Others success? The first success of your own? Being around people who believe in you?

If life looks the same as a year ago and will more likely look the same in a year, now is the time to plant seeds in your dreams. Every day, do one thing that moves you closer. Need a prod or a motivator? Probably time to find your support base, tribe, and collaborators.

And make it happen!

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