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Where Do Old Resolutions Go?

Happy New Year!

May the new year bless you with health, wealth, and happiness, and whatever challenges you faced in 2021, you took steps to overcome them or saw them as lessons for 2022.

So, are you finally ready to knock your 2022 goals out of the ballpark? This question gets repeated for each new year so that hopefully, you can accomplish them by that December 31. And yes, over and over people post how hard it is to stay on track.

So, what do we do with unfinished 2021 goals? And where are the undone ones from 2020? Are they still even relevant to you? Maybe. This is the best time to reflect on the things that are vital to your sense of fulfillment (here's a secret - it is more than money).

How will you know? It must spark some kind of passion, purpose, answer your why, and makes you feel more positive. Or, it may not last. In fact, it expands your horizons, shoves you out of your comfort zone, or may directly impact others more than you.

What is the change you want to see in your life? What are you ready to get and stay excited about? How can you gain clarity, focus, and make that happen in 2022? Are you ready to 2022 and not 2020 "2"?

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