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Lessons in Purpose and Transformation: Learn from Cicadas

How noisy is it in your neighborhood? If you live in the bullseye, has the relentless whine and shrill of cicadas driven you crazy yet? Or has it is gotten your attention to learn more about these interesting insects.

With the emergence of Brood X cicadas in Maryland, I am not embarrassed to be caught staring at trees to check them out. Moreover, the coaching side of me now has many life lesson observations of them to help inspire you on your journey:

TRUST THE PROCESS. They’ve been doing important work underground for 17 years until it is "their time" to go public. Nature and instinct say when the time is the right kind of "warm" to emerge.

DON’T RETREAT ON PLANS. They flitter, flop, climb up to a point only to fall back to the ground, and start all over again. They live their truth and never retreat to the underground because there is no chance of success going back to their starting place.

BE VULNERABLE. There is a period where the protective "small" environment must be left. They don't come out flying and then they are all marshmallowy. They go through those vulnerable stages until they harden to better survive the environment.

FIND COHORTS. RISE TOGETHER. Billions of them know when to rise and beautifully emerge together because there is strength in numbers and a greater chance of success when they have a support base. Collaborate with others especially to overcome challenges.

STEP OUT OF THE SHELL. There is a point when they leave their comfort zone and say “yes.” As soon as they emerge from the ground, they start working the shell off. They get past several challenges, and it was then, "let’s do this.”

MAKE SOME NOISE. For such gentle creatures, "they get loud." Success depends on vocally sharing objectives, targets, and accomplishments.

IMPERFECTION IS NOT AN IMPEDIMENT. No matter how imperfect they are (undeveloped or deformed wings, unsteady gate, diseased with fungus), as long as they are alive, they do what they need to do.

Did any of these resonate with you? As a certified life coach and certified as a nature therapy guide, there are so many lessons in nature that provide our souls with the answers and can change the way we may see the world.

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