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Getting It Done! The Anti-Procrastination Tips

Each night after I get into bed, I listen to calming, meditative music and view positive visuals that provide my brain with a hypnotic peace. Over the years, the music and visual have naturally reduced my insomnia to a few times a year instead of a few times a week. I told myself, "one day I am going to create something calming and inspirational to post and share."

As I sat down at my work-at-home desk on the winter solstice night after lighting my sage incense cone in my Zen nature garden, something caught my attention and reminded me of a scene from the holiday musical, "Jingle Jangle." My imagination saw the smoke dancing, and I was mesmerized. Now as the time. I added calming music and inspirational quotes to contribute calm to the world.: So what it may not get a million views or even 100? I ended 2020 doing one more thing I have always wanted to do.

So, how is your not-what-you-have-to-do but want-to-do list going? Does it feel to enormous and overwhelming to start. Are you ready to make 2021 the year that items on your list gets checked off?

Here are five quick tips to get it done and feel accomplished:

  • Make a to-do list for the day, the week, and the month. Don’t forget to estimate how much time you think it might take to finish each. Making this list is a goal, and you did it!!!

  • Schedule time for accomplishing your goals. If you don’t put that committed block of time on your calendar, it may not happen.

  • If you find yourself at the end of day without accomplishing, at least, one task, review your list and find one that takes 15 minutes or less. Small wins are still wins!

  • Got something done that was important but wasn’t on your list? Add it to your list! At the end of the month, it still counts as an accomplishment.

  • Started on one of your goals that you didn’t finish? Don’t beat yourself up. You did get started. Commit it to the next day to claim victory.

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