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Don't Ruin the Moment!

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Have you ever said to yourself, "I really want my life to be different," and prayerfully and suddenly, it was but not exactly in all ways you expected? Perhaps, you felt that your life would be better if you could just walk away from that frustrating job or end that "unfixable" relationship or finally get that job offer or promotion.

So, why doesn't the grass stay greener longer on the other side? Why do we stress over what may come with the changes we asked or prayed for? Did you step away from a job for your peace and sanity only now to be worried about a financial insecurity situation? Did you walk away from that relationship and are now finding yourself seemingly fixated on your singleness or perceived lack?

I understood that feeling as I prayed and chose to work part-time time so I could build my coaching business. I used to envy people who could impulsively slip away, late morning or mid-day, to go sip coffee at a cool local coffee house while I was at the 9 to 5, often seething at something rude my supervisor said to me first thing in that morning and planning my get-away. Not everything went according to plan, so I started focusing and stressing on what didn't go according to my plan instead of everything that was crazy-amazing about my life.

Gratefully, through meditation, I heard God asked, "Are your lights on? Is there food in your refrigerator? Are you healthy? And, can you appreciate that this summer, you don't have to nervously ask permission to run off to the beach on a whim on a Friday afternoon? Are you REALLY sure you are ready to give up your freedom and flexibility NOW to get back into crazy for the money? Hint, hint, dear, chasing only dollars on structured time in a position that is not a good fit is NOT a source of joy.

I've decided while I wait for my complete transition into my next big thing, I will take the time I have been dreaming about for years to enjoy where I am right NOW in all its glory. I will work towards my goal but enjoy each second along the way. I will enjoy my bliss before the 50-hour work week returns. Some of my debts can wait a couple of months because I am too busy following my dreams, meeting amazing people, and being in love with my NOW.

What can you do today to stop worrying and enjoy your current situation? Here's a secret, your answers and blessings will come through you ONLY in stillness when you are not thinking about it. God said, "Be still and know." If you are struggling to see the good during your transition your life, let me provide you with tips and solutions to help you reset your perspective of your current situation while you work through your process. Ready?

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