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Channeling Stress into Productivity

Welcome to one of the last months of the year. "Whew, child," as my elders would say!!!

So, who isn't on pins and needles about the upcoming election results?

Just a few months ago, I was a nervous wreck spending my precious time debating nameless online profile photos about the political issues and what's at stake. I lost sleep and probably patches of hair with little impact.

Calm and peace were restored in two ways: by doing what I can to be a part of solutions and giving up control and worry about what I can't. One of my "coach myself" nature rituals, several times a week, is to walk and spend a lot of time in nature, bringing home things that make me "happy, connected, and restored" and placing it in my sandbox. I unplug the cell and tv and turn on relaxing music while sipping on my favorite wine or tea. Then, I think of positive outcomes.

What other ways will you get through the next couple of months?


Coach Janice

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