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"Life" Happens: 5 Steps from OMG! to It Will Get Better

Imagine if what your dream job that appeared so fast and easy (it must be God sent, right?!!!), caused quit within months as your health starts to deteriorate from the anxiety and worry. Or, what if instead of your big Christmas plans and start of a new year with the love of your life and his family abruptly turned into a Christmas Eve goodbye. In your state of uncertainty, confusion, and bewilderment, how can you possibly not feel paralyzed of what is next? Will you step in the same crap again if you run to something new out of desperation?

From someone who has been there and done that, the happy news is, there is a fabulous life coming (after the kids go to college or kindergarten, after the divorce, physically moving away from a familiar place, or the loss of a job or a significant other). Here’s five starter tips to get through the first stage of the transition, reducing your stress or adverse reactions during and after the change in your life has occurred. 1. Focus on Self-Care. Self-care doesn’t have to drain your bank with weekly spa treatments or lavish vacations. Look at your interests and determine, what have you not been doing for yourself. When is the last time you treated yourself with a bubble bath and champagne (sparkling wine for the non-drinkers), walked somewhere scenic with your headphone playing soothing music, or just sat in a coffee house listening to great jazz while slipping on your favorite cup of java or tea? Be selfish and self-serving. Think of one or two things you can do for yourself this week. And, now go do it! 2. Acknowledge and celebrate the good. Our brains love patterns. Science has proven that the negative thoughts creates negative views and outcome and that creates our belief system. Instead of focusing on what is causing stress, keep a gratitude journal and ask yourself each night, “what five awesome things happened, today?” Did someone hold a door open for you? Smile at you when you passed by? Call you out the blue to say hi? Good. Now, go write it down. 3. Take a Break from Social Media. During periods of challenging transitions, checking out your Facebook or Instagram accounts is probably not a good idea as we tend to think that everyone’s life is flowing smoothly besides our own. Unplug and feed your mind with POSITIVITY. Listen to comedy. Listen to inspirational speakers on YouTube. Call up a positive spirited old friend or family member. Again, the goal is to acknowledge your current situation but feed the mind with POSITIVITY. 4. Be okay taking a Step Back. Recognize that sometimes the only way we can go forward is to step back. A good life is not illustrated with arrows going up (read about many successful entrepreneurs and celebrities). Setbacks occur to teach us about ourselves, allow us to let go of things that no longer serve us, and give valuable lessons for the future. Focus on the lesson! 5. Allow inspiration to find you (in time). The difficult part of the transition is trying to figure out the what next. TRYING to figure it out is often one of the worst things we can do. Instead, go do something fun, imaginative, or mindless. Or focus on helping others through volunteer assignments. And then, be still and meditative. It is in stillness that divine callings and directions can be heard. It will often be that chance meeting or telephone call that your new path will find you. Book Me for a consultative discovery life coaching session today at 301.909.3131 or

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