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Give Yourself Permission to FINALLY


Let Others See Your Light Shine.



Hi, I'm Coach Janice.

I am a Certified Life Transitions Coach specializing in nature therapy principles.

I use a nature-based coaching approach to help you understand your season and live your best live by helping you to discover the *fiercest version of yourself.  Learn how to make realistic and reachable goals.

• Are You Looking for Ways to be Happy with Yourself?
• Are You Struggling to Balance Career and a Personal Life?

• Are You Lacking the Motivation and Confidence to Change Your Life?
• Are You Ready to Step Up?


As a success partner, let me help you dig deep, take action, change your mindset, and stay motivated. If you could do it alone, your goals would have checkmarks. Right?

Invest in you, today!


*Being fierce means standing in your truth even when the going gets tough. When you're a fierce woman, you respect yourself, love your moment, and don't limit your possibilities.


let's get started!