Are you overwhelmed at the thought
of making a big life change? Or,
are you filled with anxiety and dread now that change has happened to you?

Real solutions and support through the transitional and challenging

periods in your life using
nature-and changing

seasons-based principles.  

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“Look on every exit as being an entrance somewhere else.” 
― Tom Stoppard

I empower women over forty in their season of change and transition, to step out of their self-sacrificing and self-defeating roles and turn their wishful thinking into a realistic plan and actions into accomplishments and goals in the areas of: 

  • Career Transitions
  • Business & Financial Challenges
  • Family Loss 
Relationships Changes


I am more than an
accountability partner. 
I am your success partner.

I work with clients who were just like me at one time:  overwhelmed, confused, and exhausted, struggling alone with major life changes and difficult transitions.  I will guide you to a place where you will step up and show off your awesomeness as you emerge from your "difficult" transition like my other clients who:

  • Launched their new business with 30 paid clients within the first month

  • Reclaimed their value time and landed their dream job with no experience commuting less than 10 minutes from home

  • Pursued relevant education, turning a hobby into a retirement strategy

  • Obtained a financial services license and is on the way to making six figures.

Using powerful and effective coaching tools acquired through years of life coaching training and living those principles, I also hold certifications in confidence, nature-based coaching, and happiness. 

Why work with me? 

Janice M. Ford, BA, BS, CLTC

Read just testimonials from some of my recent clients.

I just wanted to leave a testimony regarding my experience working Janice Ford as my life coach.  When I say Janice is beyond amazing, there are no words that can truly describe how grateful I am to have her as my coach.  She is the reason that finally, the business that I have always wanted will be opening this Friday.  She is very resourceful and was able to assist and support me every step of the way, all while maintaining our initial coaching session helping me through my personal life as well.  I highly recommend N2Positivity Life Coaching to anyone who is looking to make positive changes in her life with the assistance of such as a wonderful and spirited woman.  Her coaching style is remarkable, and I felt open to be upfront and honest with her.  As I continue our sessions, I send my blessings to Janice on a successful business helping people.


Dionne B., Ft. Washington, MD

I’ve dabbled in various business ventures of other people’s products, often getting distracted until I lose interest. However, I’ve had a deep desire to start my own business creating my own natural hair and skin care products. Since I started working with Coach Janice, I am focused and committed. I have been able to finally set some realistic and specific goals. As a result, I have been able to project my business launch date. Coaching from Janice has definitely been such a worthwhile investment that even my husband has been impressed with my commitment and progress.


Shirley F., Washington, DC

I was miserable in my current place of employment to the point that it was negatively affecting my health with a severe stress-related diagnosis.  W
orking through the process of leaving that toxic environment was challenging but became a smoother transition with this coaching support. And, I found a supportive new place to work!

Jaime J., Alexandria, VA



N2Positivity Life Coaching