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Mindset: Grateful & Hopeful

This is the holiday season to be grateful.

Were you one of the many hoping to be reunited with family or headed somewhere warm and fun? Sadly, for most, gathering and traveling are dangerous decisions.

This is my Thanksgiving message of hope and inspiration as one of my clients teaches me every session. With ill-health and unemployment, sessions always start with a big smile and a laundry list of everything that went RIGHT with the enthusiasm of a kid in a candy store. I once asked if the enthusiasm was just a show for her coach. She said, "this is real, Coach Janice because I just can't add mental stress and sadness on top of everything else going on."

Get through these next couple of months in a state of gratitude in spite of COVID-19 ruining plans. How? By:

1. Not leaving my bed without 10-15 minutes of prayer and meditation daily.

2. Focusing on a productive activity outside of the 9 to 5 job.

3. Serving others through social distanced volunteering.

4. Sipping "happy tea" all day. It's non-alcoholic. 😁

5. Getting out of the house every day to walk, immersing myself for hours in Nature Therapy every weekend as the weather allows.

6. Then, I bring some nature back home and create "My Happy Place" in my special

place at home while sipping on my favorite wine.

I hope these are useful for stress-reduced and happiness-increased tips for overcoming these unprecedented times.


Coach Janice

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