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Life Happens, Pt. 2: From Self-Care to New Direction

Now that you’ve taken some time to step away from your situation for therapeutic reasons, now is the time to get to work and get back on track. Hiring a great life coach who will be committed to helping you stay focus in your bounce back is one effective step. Check out these other five "action" steps.

2. Don’t focus on the negative “what ifs.” The “BIG IFs” often tells us scary stories because they often focus on the worse scenarios or outcomes. So, what if each times the negativity emerges, you feed it with positivity instead. What if this doesn’t work out? What if it does? What if I can’t get another job? Well, what if you get the job of your dreams with the big office, salary, assistant, and you run into the man of your dreams on your way to your first day of work? See how that works?

3. Don’t allow fear to ruin the potential possibilities. So, you’ve been battling in your mind between what the positive and negative outcomes of different paths. Days turn into weeks and weeks into months, and you find yourself paralyzed with fear and inaction. Remember that even with the most certainties of a decision, things may or may not turn out as you planned. Unfortunately, inaction and indecisiveness will always result in a failure.

4. Reach out for support and rebuild your community. Yes, you’ve made that decision to go right or left at the fork in the road, but you are unsure of some of the challenges you are encountering. Believe it or not, people genuinely like to be asked for their help whether you know them or not. Join an online community, post a question, and watch the hundreds of helpful tips flood your mailbox. Call up that knowledgeable old colleague or friend and soak up all of the great advice.

5. Take a deep breath (meditate) and say “yessssssss!!!!!” In your new path, there maybe things you have not encountered before that will make you step out of your comfort zone. Before you shut down an idea because, frankly, it scares the heck out of you, look at the good that may come out of the situation. Date the guy you’d typically would pass by. Join a Meet Up and do something interesting with people who are not like you. Of course, if it is immoral, illegal, or dangerous, those are very valid reasons to chill with Netflix instead.

Good or bad, welcomed or not expected changes are parts of our lives, and the outcomes may be just as unpredictable. However, if you take on your new exciting life that is waiting for you to step up the plate and take a big swing, you might just hit it out to the ballpark. It may be a new exhilarating career or adventure, a new love interest, or the opportunity to finally explore that hobby or passion you’ve put off for too long.

P.S. I’ve interviewed many people to determine their goals and the things that keep them up at night. Interestingly, many will make moving forward a priority in their minds but will never act on it. If you are committed to transitioning to a fabulous new life, hire a great life coach, and watch yourself become motivated to do the work. For a great consultative discovery life coaching session, contact me today at 301.909.3131 or

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