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What You Do AFTER That Matters

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

What I learned was that some people seem to innately accept the high and lows of life and see it as all good. However, the majority had worries that kept them up at night, afraid of the “what ifs” and living with regrets of “how their lives could have or should have been.” What I have learned is the closer you get to know who you are, the happier you will be.

A few years ago, I met a beautiful and successful woman who said she tried to commit suicide. Unfortunately, she had set some arbitrary and unrealistic goals of where she expected to be in life at a certain age. After her failed attempts, she sought therapy followed by life coaching and realized that she WAS where she was supposed to be in life. Instead of focusing on the marriage that didn't happen, the child she didn't give birth to, and the type of career level she thought she should have attained, she learned to accept the transition as they came and to discover what really made her happy. She accepted the joy and freedom of meeting many types of people, traveling the world, and providing extra "mothering" to the youth in her family. So, instead of continuing to stay stuck or in limbo in the "poor me" or the "what had happened" stories, working with a great transition life coach can help you to co-author and rewrite your amazing new life story. Let’s work to identify your core values and reassess your strengths, so you can smoothly transition to your next stage, tell a better story, and live a more fulfilling life. For a powerful consultative discovery coaching session, contact me today at 301.909.3131 or

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