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Rock Formation

Passionate About Inspiring Others


I am Coach Janice.  Based in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area,  I am a single mother of one college-aged son, nature and travel enthusiast, amateur photographer, and bargain shopper.  



Does this sound like you? You know the story, you go along to get along to be liked or loved, which is something that eventually diminishes your sense of self and self-esteem. You are almost famous for replaying in your mind how you would show up confidently and speak your voice next time only to find success in often in your head and not in your situation. 

No matter how good my life may have looked on paper or Facebook, I fought hard to regain some control after I found myself in an uncomfortable work environment. I thought I had no choice or voice, and it was time to leave at an age where you stick around until retirement. I resigned only to run to one of the most toxic work environments I had ever experienced. That move mentally broke me at a time when my options for emotional support (family and friends) were almost nonexistent. 

With no real next step or support, I stepped boldly into a state of uncertainty but found peace and hopefulness in my transition. I left behind the old self and prepared to be set free in a new direction determined never to allow anyone or anything to diminish my energy, not even my old self, thoughts, or patterns.

Finding My Way to Coaching
​In 2010, I learned about life coaching. After completing my training, I launched my business, N2Positivity Life Services, and set off to help others to reach their career and personal goals. Solo parental responsibilities prevailed, and life coaching was put on the back burner for work stability. 

In 2018, I was able to take a step back from a spirit-killing "9 to 5" to successfully overcome severe anxiety, stagnation, and a loss of confidence. I am blessed to return to my calling of providing coaching and nonprofit management services.  Also, I am a Certified Life Transitions Coach and earned recent certificates as a nature therapy guide, and advanced life coaching, confidence, and happiness coaching. 

How I Can Help You

I understand the challenges people face every day while trying to address the stumbling blocks they encountered. I will listen with empathy and compassion and help YOU determine the path you want to take.  I provide you with tools to be intuitive of your direction, set priorities, and stay motivated to push goals to completion (or help you face the reality that some goals are not aligned with your reality). Also, I will help you gain new perspectives and create an action plan to develop your best self.

My additional work experiences are in the areas of business development, financial literacy, program administration, mentoring, membership development, database marketing, website, and social media, strategic planning, fundraising, and alumni relations.


  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communication from the University of the District of Columbia

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems Management from the University of Maryland Global Campus

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AAC seal.png


  • Certificate - Nature and Connection to Self

  • Certificate - Accredited Confidence Coaching

  • Certificate - Happiness Coaching

  • Certificate - Financial Education

  • Certified Life Transitions Coach, Symbiosis Coaching - International Coaching Federation

  • Certified Nature Therapy Guide - Natural Wellness Academy

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